Funfetti Cake Breakfast Bake

Funfetti Birthday Cake Breakfast Bake *  Slim Pickin's Kitchen

Today is a day worth celebrating!

After a full week of being cooped up in the house because my family is suffering from the flu just to be followed up by an entire day of being iced in with zero power, no heat, and a super fussy and feverish toddler, I am happy to announce that none of that matters because we have a brand new and *HEALTHY* baby boy in our family!

Last night, Will’s sister and her husband welcomed their son into the world. He is positively perfect in every way.

Bust out the funfetti cake breakfast bake!

Funfetti Birthday Cake Breakfast Bake *  Slim Pickin's Kitchen

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with baked oatmeal because it is such an easy and healthy breakfast for us to have in the mornings. Owen is absolutely starving as soon as he wakes up, and I’ve realized that I have to prep his breakfast the night before otherwise he will pitch a fit and go into full-blown melt down mode until he has food in his face.

He gets his lack of patience from his father (no he doesn’t).

Breakfast bakes are crazy easy to make and the variations are endless! Y’all know that I love me some overnight oats which I will be making come spring and summer, but during the winter warm baked oatmeal is where it’s at!

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