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The Skinny On Me Week 19: The Today Show’s Home Chef Challenge

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Omigah, omigah, omigah, omigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I’m completely freaking out right now!

A few weeks ago, Will’s sister sent me a text telling me that the Today Show had announced a contest they were hosting called “TODAY’s Home Chef Challenge”. She said she thought I should enter it, so I went to their site to take a look.

I saw the announcement on the front page of their site, and I saw they were calling for home chefs to submit their “best side for BBQ”. I immediately thought of my Summertime Succotash Salad and figured, what the crap…it sure couldn’t hurt me to enter and it sure couldn’t hurt me to win either. I mean…what newly established food blogger wouldn’t want a shout out on the TODAY show as well as a blog post on!?

My thoughts exactly.

So, after about 2 hours of dealing with their slow server and waiting and waiting and waiting for my pictures to upload b/c (I’m assuming) every viewer and their next door neighbors were submitting their recipes for the contest, I fiiiiiiiiiiiinally got my entry submitted….

And then I completely forgot about it.

Until today…when I received an email that stated, “Congratulations! You’re a TODAY’S Home Chef Contender!”



I’m completely floored and humbled and happy and ecstatic and thrilled, and I just feel utterly blessed beyond belief that I was even chosen in their top three. That’s amazing!!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuut…I really, really, really want to win.

Like I want to win so bad I can taste it…and it tastes like chocolate.

So, I need your help!!!

If you don’t do anything else productive today (which is probably how my day is looking 😉 ), then PUH-LEASE help me win this!!!

Please, please, please, please help me get my name and my blog out to the world! Please follow this link, “like” TODAY’S Food Facebook page, vote for my Summertime Succotash Salad, and then share it with your friends and family on your own page and ask them to do the same! Thanks so much for the support, and I will love you forever and ever Amen if I win!!!


*NOTE: This link does not work from a mobile device! I’m not sure why that it is, but you have to cast your vote from your computer. Also, you can vote more than once, so vote, vote, VOTE!!! Thanks again for all of your support!*

Getting to know you…

Have you ever won a major contest?

Do you watch the TODAY show?

What’s your favorite side dish for BBQ? 

Love y'all!

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