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The Skinny On Me: Zombie, Zombie, Zombie-e-e-e…Oy Vey

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Hi, friends.

I figured it was time I stopped by to give y’all a bit of an update as to what has been going on in my life and why I haven’t been able to blog as much as promised (which I desperately miss and crave like chocolate).

Sometimes my personal life blocks my creative life and to say things have been challenging is putting it lightly.

Owen has been going through a few changes as of late. As most of you know, he was born 6 weeks early, and I’m almost 1000% certain he is hitting growth spurts, sleep regressions, and developmental milestones twice: once for his real age and once for his adjusted age.

He has gained over 4+ lbs in a two month span and, after he started sleeping through the night around 12 weeks, he all of a sudden hit a sleep regression and has been waking anywhere between 3 and 16+ times a night because he’s hungry, having growing pains, is teething, or has bad gas.

Yeah, you read that right…16+ times a night!!!

Oy, vey.

Last night was no different. He woke me up every half an hour or so, and I’m thinking it was because he had some sort of teething pain or a stomachache. Either way, I am a zombie today and have been for the past two months hence the reason why I haven’t been able to blog.

Cooking + sleep deprivation do not mix.

Anywho, that’s what has been going on with me, and I really can’t complain about this time too much because I get to spend my days with this little nugget which is an absolute blessing…even if he makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes.

Owen 6 months-024

Owen 6 months-004


Love and miss y’all, and I’ll be back as soon as I can!

Love y'all!

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  • Mia
    March 20, 2014

    Good grief, he’s adorable!

    • amber
      March 26, 2014

      Thanks, girl! We surely think so 🙂