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My Birthday Week In Charleston

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Sorry for the break in blogging, minions.

I went home for my birthday week and spent some much needed time with my family. June is the busiest month of the year for us and this year was no exception. In just one week we celebrated four birthdays, an anniversary, Owen’s dedication, a mini high school reunion and so much more.

All I ever want to do for my birthday week is spend time with family and eat good food, and this year most certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a peek at how our week went…


Charleston Birthday Week 2014-028

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-014

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-021

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-027



10457724_10154345556575574_3181572142515670788_o (1)

10505152_10154345555595574_5183196799945147786_o (1)

10505163_10154345558395574_8152923512423358769_o (1)

10448574_10154345555590574_1258654694799076566_o (1)


Charleston Birthday Week 2014-283

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-064

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-052

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-080

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-130

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-219

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-125

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-140

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-171

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-285

10498248_10154345556565574_3271443107437390639_o (1)

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-346

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-358

Charleston Birthday Week 2014-361

1907799_10154345556480574_2752854390351166245_o (1)

I’ll be back next week with a 4th of July recipe round up as well as a new series in which I plan to share recipes I make for Owen.

Have a great weekend!

Love y'all!

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1 Comment
  • MIa
    June 30, 2014

    OMG – Owen is getting so big!!! Also, happy birthday mama! I’m glad you got to have a little fun of your own. I’ve missed you – can’t wait for the recipe roundup 🙂