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The Skinny On Me: Bring It On 2014

By Amber 0
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Good Riddance 2013.

Please let the door hit you so hard on the way out that you will have zero chance of ever showing your haggard face around here ever again.

This past year was not easy for me at all. Between adjusting to living six hours away from the only home I’ve ever known, fighting through hellacious pregnancy symptoms, letting my blog posts fall to the wayside, the terrifying early birth of our son, and the exhaustion that accompanies taking care of a newborn, I was almost ready to stuff rocks into my pockets and silently slip into the sound while whispering the name of Virginia Woolf.

Then with every new smile and coo, my sweet Owen’s rays of sunshine started beaming through the sadness, and I have finally started to feel like myself again.

Today I am choosing to turn my back on that heartache and start a new chapter in my life.

Welcome 2014.

It is so very nice to meet you.

I have big goals for this year, and I’m actually going to try to accomplish them this time. I don’t want to do what I always do and write a list of resolutions that are completely ridiculous and that I have no intention of fulfilling.

This years resolutions are more like goals, and I’m excited to do what it takes to try to reach them.


I have also decided to make a few changes to the blog as well. These changes will make my life easier, and I believe they will help get my creative juices flowing again.

1. I will no longer be calculating nutrition facts for my recipes.

For starters, did I mention I have a baby now? Yeah, so…ain’t nobody got time for that. Secondly, I have found that using healthier, less refined ingredients like coconut oil, honey, dried fruits, and nuts can actually inflate the calories and fat content, and I don’t want y’all focusing in on those numbers. I’d rather you focus on the fact that the recipes are full of nutritious, healthy, and clean ingredients that will fuel your bodies better than their low calorie, chemical laden, overly processed counterparts.

2. I will be joining in on the What I Ate Wednesday shenanigans again.

I find that attending this party on a weekly basis helps me hold myself accountable for what I stuff in my face. I mean…I’m not going to feel good about myself if I’m posting healthy recipes and then showing y’all pictures of the 457 Hershey kisses and 12 glasses of moscato I downed on Tuesday night, right? Clearly.

3. I’m considering creating an E-book full of my super special recipes that I have kept a secret until now. 

This is just an idea. Would this be something you would consider purchasing? Do you have any recipes you’d like to see recreated?

4. Sassy Hour will be back in full force very soon. 

I already have my first cocktail recipe in mind. Y’all are going to love it! I’m also thinking about turning it into a link up party as well so other bloggers can join in on the fun and feature their fun and inventive dranks. If I had a link up, would you participate?

5. I want to change my header image and tagline. 

I think it’s about time for a new look, don’t you?

Now that I’ve got some exciting new goals and milestones to look forward to, I’m ready to begin the new year. I’ll be back next week with some new recipes!

Getting to know you…

What was your favorite moment of 2013?

What did you do on NYE?

What are your resolutions?

Love y'all!

What do you think?

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