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The Skinny On Me 18: Nieces & Nephews

By 9
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Sorry for the wacky schedule this week! The hubs and I have so much going on, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to have a sit down and talk with y’all about it shortly. Our lease is up at the end of the month, so we are right smack dab in the middle of packing and moving so I really haven’t had time to do anything but that….oh, did I mention that my entire kitchen is packed away and I have no way to cook anything at the moment?

Brilliant. I know :/

I’m hoping to be back on track next week, but I can’t make any promises at the moment! Follow me on Twitter and you can keep up with everything that way too.

Plus I babysat my gorgeous nephew yesterday, and while doing so I had ended up with a mind splitting migraine and almost puked everywhere on my drive home.

Thank the good Lord for Excedrin Migraine. It does a body good.

And speaking of my nephew…I will never forget how I found out that I was going to be an aunt for the first time.

It was in November 2005, my brother and sister-in-law had been trying to get me to come over all weekend, but I kept backing out &/or changing plans.  I had absolutely no clue what I was missing out on. On one of those days when I had more important things to do, my family was announcing the biggest news of their lives…and I missed it.


Sometimes I cringe at how much I used to just completely suck (I’ll elaborate on that one of these days), but at this particular time, I’m kind of glad that things turned out the way they did.

Photo by Valerie Schooling Photography

We were having a Thanksgiving get together at my brother’s house. Per usual, I was in the kitchen cooking up a fancy feast…freshly made green bean casserole…drool…no condensed soup allowed!

Anywho, when it was time to eat, we all gathered around in a circle and held hands as my Dad said the blessing, but this time around it was my sister-in-law who said it…weird.

And at the very end of the prayer I heard, “and please bless the new baby that will be here in June.”

My heart hiccuped, I opened my eyes, and everyone was staring at me.

As soon as I realized I had, in fact, heard what I heard, I went bat shiz crazy!

I cried.

I laughed.

I squealed…and then I cried some more. It was the most amazing feeling!

Several months later, my beautiful niece was brought into this world. I was in Wilmington, NC when I got the call. I had had my bag packed for weeks and was just waiting for the phone to ring and for someone to tell me, “It’s time!”. As soon as I got that call, I was gone. I’m pretty sure I made it back to Charleston in a little over 2 hrs or so…when it usually took me 3!

This year that amazing little girl started 1st grade.

Wow! Just wow…she needs to stop growing up!

As for my nephew, I really wish the circumstances of how I found out he was on the way were different.

Again, I was not there when they made the announcement to the rest of the family, but this time I had a much better excuse!

I was in the hospital because of my bunk back, hooked up to a Dilaudid pump in excruciating pain unable to do anything but cry and barely able to focus my eyes when I received the text.

Yes, I found out via TEXT MESSAGE that my nephew was on the way…ugh…that was one of those times where I was really, really angry that I had such back issues.

But that anger melted away the second I laid eyes on my fat baby nephew.

Gah! He was gorgeous!!!

He didn’t even cry when he was born. At first, it kinda freaked us out a little, but not any more! That child is wild as wild can be, and I wouldn’t change it for the world (my sister-in-law may disagree).

These two little munchkins have brought so much love, laughter, and joy to our lives, and I feel incredibly blessed to have them. Now that I’m married, I’ve got a whole new set of brothers and sisters to bring new little bundles of joy to our lives 🙂

I *can’t wait* to have one of our own…and you never know…maybe that’ll happen sooner, rather than later 😉

Getting to know you…

Do you have nieces & nephews?

What is your favorite memory of them?

Do you have kids of your own?

Love y'all!

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  • Mia
    August 23, 2012

    That’s so adorable! I absolutely love the photo of your niece smelling the flower. I have 2 nephews, 1 niece, no hubs = no kids of my own yet (which is freaking my family out!). We believe in a completely accidental and unplanned approach to “family planning” in our family, so my sister’s oldest is 21 (gah!) and the baby is 8. And I love those munchkins to pieces!!! I can’t pick a favorite memory, but they’re pretty much the best kids ever.

  • Jessica
    August 23, 2012

    I know he’s not blood … but you forgot one!! ;o)

    • amber
      August 24, 2012

      Oopsie! Sorry!

  • Deetz
    August 24, 2012

    I can’t even remember them being so little! Maybe because I was so exhausted 😉