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Weekend Wrap Up: Week Ending 7/14/13

By Amber 2
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Morning, minions!

I would like to start off the week by announcing the winner of the Health Warrior Chia Bar giveaway! Thanks so, so much for everyone who participated! I had a great time teaming up with such a wonderful company, and I’m excited that one of you will get to try out such a delicious product.

So, without futher adieu, congrats,Ms. Kayla L! Thanks for participating, and your prize pack is going in the mail today!


As for the rest of the weekend, it kinda was amazing. I didn’t do hardly anything at all besides cook up a whole bunch of scrumptious recipes that I’ll be posting over the course of the next week or so, and I rested all weekend and watched Christmas movies in July! Yay! I’m about 2 weeks away from hitting the 3rd trimester, and I am definitely starting to feel it. So, resting up now is absolutely necessary.

It pretty much rained on both Saturday and Sunday, so I’m going to share some pics that I haven’t shared yet. Enjoy!

Albemarle Sound fishing



5PS. Pregnancy makes your face super, super splotchy!
I’m trying out a new 100% pure product that I hope helps.
I’ll blog about it soon!





Getting to know you…

Do you like to go fishing?

Did your face get splotchy while pregnant?

Do you know what kind of moth that is? 

Love y'all!

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  • Mia
    July 15, 2013

    I like fishing, but haven’t gone in ages!

    Congrats on almost being to the 3rd trimester! (I hear the splotchiness is common. However, no hubby, so no babies yet for this girl, so no personal experience with the splotches.) Keep taking care of yourself! Miss you/your posts, though 🙂

    • amber
      July 18, 2013

      Yeah, the splotches are definitely common. I just wasn’t expecting so many of them!