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Bonus Post: Foodie Penpal May 2012

By Amber 1
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The Lean Green Bean
Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started this awesome concept that you can read more about here.
Basically, people from all over the world exchange info and then send their favorite fun, fresh, and local goodies to the other foodie they are matched up with.
Brilliant, I tell you. Absolutely brilliant!
This month was my first, and I was so excited when the UPS guy dropped my package off at the door. I tore into it as soon as I could and was thrilled to find all of this fun stuff (PS. Please pardon the pictures! I’ve had a rough week!)
My penpal’s name was Raven, and I’m assuming she is from NYC. Here is Raven’s breakdown of the contents:
McClure’s Pickles-Spicy Spears: The pickles are my favorite thing ever. The guy who makes it lives right next door.
Saucy By Nature-Polish Kimchee: The polish kimchee is interesting, but very yummy.
Stern’s Bakery-Black & White Cookie: According to my BF and several other people, the B & W cookies are a NY staple!
I also received a chocolate bar that is in another language, and the word “chocolate” is the only word I recognize. Anyone know what it is?
Because of my loss of appetite and the depression from the loss of our baby, I haven’t tried anything yet!
I know, I’m slacking, but I promise I will soon!
Thank you so much, Raven! I love everything, and I am super excited to try it all out!
I can’t wait to see what goodies next month (our birthday months!) bring!
See you tomorrow at Sassy Hour!
Love y'all!

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1 Comment
  • Meg
    June 1, 2012

    I am so jealous! I wanted to do this but I never got my email and forgot to write to the girl about it. I just signed up again so hopefully this time I get a pen pal!