Crunch Berry Cereal Breakfast Shake

Every once in a while a girl’s gotta eat something a little bit naughty…

And today was the kind of day where I wanted to do nothing but ram tasty things all up in my face.

Crunch Berry Cereal Breakfast Shake

Naughty frankenfood is so, so, so bad for you, but damn if it isn’t delicious…in moderation, of course.

But you know what?

It would be a down right lie if I acted like belly busting, stick to your ribs, down home cookin’ wasn’t a part of my life, especially on days like today, and the last thing I would ever do is lie to you and pretend as if I eat healthy 24/7.

That just isn’t the case.

Crunch Berry Cereal Breakfast Shake

Specifically when it comes to chocolate, shortbread, booze, or ice cream.

I can easily say no to a doughnut, a piece of cake, or a slice of pie, but offer me a Godiva truffle, a buttery Scottish cookie, a Jager Bomb, or a milk shake and watch as my willpower deflates like a souffle in a room full of rugrats.

That’s how it is when I go to my favorite burger restaurant in Charleston called Sesame Burgers & Beer. Everything on their menu is absolutely divine, but I’d have to say their shining star, in my book, is their crunch berry milkshake.

Sweet vanilla ice cream and rich whole milk is blended with colorful crunch berry cereal which helps thicken their masterpiece of a milkshake.

Crunch Berry Cereal Breakfast Shake

Most of the time I drink too many beers and eat too much of my burger to even consider ordering the shake, but then there are days when I walk into the restaurant just knowing I’m not leaving without one in my hand.

It has taken me a while to master the art of the crunch berry milk shake, y’all.

You would think that it would be simple, but it’s actually a lot harder than it seems!

If you’re not careful, you can add too much cereal which causes your shake to have a soggy cereal consistency, and ain’t nobody got time for that. But you have to be sure to add enough to achieve the speckled effect.

The colorful little crumbs are key!

Crunch Berry Cereal Breakfast Shake

To kind of stick to the overall theme of my blog, I have tried to healthify this milkshake as much as possible so you won’t feel bad if you have one for breakfast.

I subbed unsweetened almond milk for whole milk and used frozen bananas instead of ice cream, but the flavor is exactly what it needs to be.

It tastes just like the fruity cereal and milk we all loved as kids, but it’ll actually satisfy your grown up appetite.

Crunch Berry Cereal Breakfast Shake

Crunch Berry Smoothie


  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 whole frozen bananas
  • 1 3/4 cups Captain Crunch Crunch Berry cereal
  • 1/2 cup plain or vanilla Greek yogurt or non-dairy yogurt of choice
  • more crunch berries, for garnish


  1. Add milk, bananas, crunch berries, and yogurt to a blender (in that order) and process until smooth.
  2. Pour into two glasses, top with more crunch berries, and serve immediately.
  3. Enjoy!


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